Can you use coconut oil with sex toys

coconut oil and sex toys

We all know latex and oil aren’t a great mix. This goes for condom and non water based lubes, as well as the use of sex toys and certain lubes which will destroy the material.

So can coconut oil be used with sex toys and in play?. In short – yes you can. It should be safe for toys and internal use. It makes a good lip balm and is good for the skin too. To be 100% sure you should probably avoid latex based toys and coconut oil but glass and other materials should be fine. The general feedback from people is that is is fine.

It should also be safe for anal, vaginal and rubber toys. As well as being edible and smelling great too.. If you’re really worried then use water based lubes where possible. These should be available in nearly every sex shop you can think of, as well as pharmacies