Minimaid Fleshlight Review – Super Tight Butt insert

Bloody hell is it that time again? It certainly is. After my first fleshlight review and my raven riley fleshlight reviewproved so popular we’re back with a few more products in the fleshlight range for you to consider before you buy.

As you know do a range of openings and you can pick and chose these to make your own custom fleshlight when you buy your fleshlight. These include, mouth, ass, pussy and non descript (as well as the new fleshlight girls which only come in wonderwave)

So which fine product will I be reviewing today? How about we go for the new(ish) fleshlight supertight butt. This Product is now known as the Fleshlight Mini maid or Fleshlight Minimaid This product can be found by clicking and going to “original fleshlights” you’ll see it right there on the page. (Try and grab it while the 3 for 2 is on btw) On the old Fleshlight site it was called the new supertight butt but now its listed as Super tight mini maid fleshlight. Just to clear up any potential confusion

The second I saw the mini maid Fleshlight I knew one day it would have to be in my possesion. Look at it! Its both hillarious and enduringly sexy. That cute super tight butt fleshlight was definetly to be in my next fleshlight purchase and review plans.

So what is it like compared to the pussy? In terms of thickness this thing is TIGHT, im talking about the width of an AA Battery here. I’ve had problems in the past with my girth (when I was younger i split a fleshlight rip off in two BOAST BOAST BOAST!) But you know what? This thing stretched and managed to squeeze me in (With a nice helping of lube). I’ve gotta say personally I have never been one to want anal sex, but the Minimaid fleshlight / super tight butt has converted me. Tighter is better! I managed to get the suction right almost immediately. But if you want to have a bit more pushback as your sliding your dick in, keep the cap tightly done up. The fleshlight will resist as first, but once you get into the rythmn you’ll both be begging for more.

I can honestly say in terms of use, i was expecting this one to get the least use out of my new batch. But by god it has gone straight into my top 2 fleshlights. If you’re getting a 3 for 2. Add this thing in right now! If you’re only going to get 1, I have to say this one stands on its own as a great one to get. I am positive you won’t regret owning it and it will get more than enough use out of you and stand up to the pounding.

Also thank you fleshlight for giving me a nice second case, the new black one. (there will be a seperate review of the black case vs the grey one coming soon too)

So overall what do I think?

Tighter is better! And I wasn’t expecting that at all, I figured it might be too tight, but this super tight butt (or super tight mini maid as its listed) is fucking great. Women are gonna hate this toy because once you’ve felt how good anal can be your certainly going to want the real thing.Now get the hell out of my review and go lose your anal virginity 😛

Final Score 98/100

Fleshlight Review – Classic Fleshlight

Important Notes: Since this was written fleshlight have updated their case to the more subtle black one, and have done a few other tweaks too, making it even better!
Fleshlight Side

The Fleshlight, the infamous male sex toy, cleverly disguised as a common flashlight, or as its also known here in the UK “a torch”
marvel at its subtlety.

Fleshlight Review Close

Ok seriously whoever came up with the idea of making a sex toy like a flashlight so its easy to hide…genius, whoever then said they should write FLESHLIGHT on the side of it and then made it the size of a house should be fired.

what this torch doing here, it seems to have Fleshlight written on the side, i remember that name from the internets….and its a vagina in a tube..oh god! HONEY!!!!

Yeah you’re in trouble now! Thanks fleshlight!

To be honest though, other than its total lack of subtlety the Fleshlight actually pretty awesome. It gets a 5/10 for looks, and probably about a 3/10 for the ability to find a subtle place to hide the thing. But when it gets down to it this toy will think twice about using your hands to do the job. – They’ve now updated this to a black case and it looks WAY better!

Fleshlight Skin FeelFleshlight Skin Stretch

On first appearances and touch, the skin material aren’t that great, but if you warm the thing up in water and put lube on it, its honestly a little creepy how real it feels. It even has a little clit if you feel you want to give some pleasure back in return.

Inside the fleshlight

I only had the standard version Fleshlight and none of the other fancy inserts (this choice was worked out by the guide they have on their site for size and feeling vs which insert to go for) but the feeling is more than I ever expected, i’d love to see what the special inserts are like.

This this easily beats the crap out of one i bought a few years ago to use with a partner, which split in two as soon as i put my cock within a meter of it. So i was a little wary when this arrived. But it stretches out well, and seems like it could manage pretty much any size you throw at it.

The whole experience of using it is a little weird, but once you get over it, it feels fucking amazing. I couldn’t believe it, for the best experience with it i’d recommend

Warming it up in water first

Lube that shit up – even if you don’t use any to jerk off with normally.
Fleshlight + lube = “holy hell!”

Play with the suction on the end cap.

Hope noone is in the house cos this thing isn’t as quiet as you’d think or hope

In conclusion I hate to say it, but this thing lives up to the hype and takes jerking off to the next level. Obviously nothing can beat a real person, with moaning and reactions and body heat and everything that makes sex amazing. But if you want to improve your jerking sessions and enjoy the sensation, buy the crap outa this thing. Easily worth every penny. The hard part is choosing between the ass/pussy/mouth options and then selecting from all their insert types.

Awesome guys toy, 95/100

Classic Jackass Fleshjack Review

Click here to buy the fleshlight

Wow our first gay fleshlight review, and which one have we picked? the one that inspired the minimaid – the Classic Jackass Fleshjack. Remember to check out our main fleshlight page too.
This review is a little different but the guys at fleshlight have assured us that this ass is almost exactly the same as the guys ass (shh don’t tell anyone) So if your up for a horny fleshjack ass fucking session, heres our Classic Jackass Fleshjack Review

Fleshlight Sex Toy
Click here to buy the classic jackass fleshjack

Fleshjack have a great selection for you to chose from from the classic fleshjack do a range of openings.

The fleshjack is a great little ass that just has to be fucked. And like any ass it seems a little tight as first but once you lube it up and get the right rytmn you’ll feel it squeezing your whole cock demanding your cum

From when I first saw this on the fleshjack site I knew i wanted to fuck it, its such a cute little bubble but and looks so inviting so when it arrived I was excited and get it straight out

The Classic Jackass Fleshjack is TIGHT, im talking about the width of an AA Battery here. Without boasting I’m pretty thick down there and it even managed to fit me in, so I’d say every guy should be able to fuck this thing with no trouble(With a nice helping of lube). I’ve tried some of the other fleshjacks and I’ve gotta say anal is the way to go. Tighter is better! I managed to get the suction right almost imediently. But if you want to have a bit more pushback as your sliding your dick in, keep the cap tightly done up. The jackass fleshjack will resist as first, but once you get into the rhythm you’ll both be begging for more.

Mistress Mondays – Mistress Ivy

mistress ivy 2This is a new feature on our site – Mistress Mondays (or Master Mondays when we’re talking to a guy!) This should give you some insight into some of the best doms  in the world and what makes them tick. If you want to be featured just drop us an email at contact @ For the honour of the first Mistress Monday goes to – Mistress Ivy!

Who are you: Mistress Ivy
What are your specialities: Corporal Punishment
What inspired you to become a dom and get into this line of work: I have been fantasizing about punishing boys ever since childhood, I used to tie the boys up in the play ground
How was your first session: I had been punishing chaps for a while before doing it professionally anyway so it all came rather naturally
Have you discovered any things you didn’t think you’d enjoy but have now become favourites of yours: Yes water sports, I love degrading men and urinating all over them
Are there any fetishes or scenarios that are most common and ones that are common that you thought they’d be: Not really I think most people have quite unique fetishes, although most submissive men I have met like feet.


mistress ivy feet


What makes a good dom: Someone who can control their surroundings, stay firm and assertive, and be responsible
What makes a good sub: knowing themselves, and been able to communicate with their domme/top
What makes you the best ;)? I listen to my slaves, I get to know them, I still take control but I use my control responsibly, I stay in control and don’t let them get away with everything

mistress ivy spanking
What was your favourite session: My favourite sessions are usually with slaves once I’ve got to know them better so I can push their limits I can’t think of a particular one as there have been so many, but I love service and having men give me massages serve me food and clean, I also enjoy trampling on them and inflicting pain for my sadistic pleasure.
In your private life are you a dom/sub too? Yes I am
Do you have any hard limits: nothing illegal
What would you say to anyone thinking of calling you up: please be direct with me, let me know your interests, nothing shocks me and we will see if are interests meet, also please note I usually require a deposit via amazon voucher
What are your favourite sites both SFW and nsfw, fetlife, twitter, facebook (sadisticmissivy) on fetlife
Who inspires you, or what quote inspires you: ‘in your mind you see me as your goddess, in reality I already own you’ ‘slavery is freedom’
Finally give any subs out there reading a task for the day after reading this!
There is a book called the bottoming book by Dossie Easten not a bad book to read if you want to learn more about how to be a good bottom

What are your favourite Clubs: Decadence and subversion are my favourite clubs.

You can find Mistress Ivy at

mistress ivymistress ivy 3


Roundup of Adult reviews and giveaways this week!

pennysblog_sexualfantasyPhoto courtesy of Penny for Your (Dirty) Thoughts

Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition start with the guidelines, then use the submission form.

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Fleshlight Codes for July 2014


We have codes for you every month! Check below for this months codes. July 2014 is a good month for fleshlights. They’ve launched the Fleshlight Launchpad which is awesome! It lets you fuck your ipad which we’ve all been asking for..right? Otherwise we’ve got codes and discounts for the rest of the products and toys.

Other Fleshlight News for July
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Sex Toy Infographic


  • The average depth of an unaroused woman’s vagina is 3-4 inches long, during arousal this can increase or double, however the Fleshlight which has sold over 5 million units is around 9 inches deep (this varies depending on the sleeve)
  • For Just 1 Million Dollars you can buy the “Pearl Royal” cast in solid platinum and embellished with more than 1000 pink and white sapphires, diamonds and pearls.
  • Between 1995 and 2006 6799 people aged 20 and up were treated in U.S. emergency departments for sex toy injuries
  • The average penis when erect is between 5.5-6.3 inches. The average girth for an erect penis is between 4.7-5.1 inches
  • Fifty Shades Of Grey caused a 400% increase ben wah balls or love beads, which are great for improving pelvic floor strength and the tightness of the vagina!
  • 81% of women have brought sex toys into bedroom with a guy.
  • The infamous rabbit is shaped like an animal because Japan has a ban on sex toys that resemble real penises
  • Sex toy sales are actually up despite the recession!
  • Pegging (A women using a strap-on on a man) has rapidly grown in popularity since 2007

You can print this out at full size and it should! be the correct size so you can see how long/wide each length is!