Minimaid Fleshlight Review – Super Tight Butt insert

Bloody hell is it that time again? It certainly is. After my first fleshlight review and my raven riley fleshlight reviewproved so popular we’re back with a few more products in the fleshlight range for you to consider before you buy.

As you know do a range of openings and you can pick and chose these to make your own custom fleshlight when you buy your fleshlight. These include, mouth, ass, pussy and non descript (as well as the new fleshlight girls which only come in wonderwave)

So which fine product will I be reviewing today? How about we go for the new(ish) fleshlight supertight butt. This Product is now known as the Fleshlight Mini maid or Fleshlight Minimaid This product can be found by clicking and going to “original fleshlights” you’ll see it right there on the page. (Try and grab it while the 3 for 2 is on btw) On the old Fleshlight site it was called the new supertight butt but now its listed as Super tight mini maid fleshlight. Just to clear up any potential confusion

The second I saw the mini maid Fleshlight I knew one day it would have to be in my possesion. Look at it! Its both hillarious and enduringly sexy. That cute super tight butt fleshlight was definetly to be in my next fleshlight purchase and review plans.

So what is it like compared to the pussy? In terms of thickness this thing is TIGHT, im talking about the width of an AA Battery here. I’ve had problems in the past with my girth (when I was younger i split a fleshlight rip off in two BOAST BOAST BOAST!) But you know what? This thing stretched and managed to squeeze me in (With a nice helping of lube). I’ve gotta say personally I have never been one to want anal sex, but the Minimaid fleshlight / super tight butt has converted me. Tighter is better! I managed to get the suction right almost immediately. But if you want to have a bit more pushback as your sliding your dick in, keep the cap tightly done up. The fleshlight will resist as first, but once you get into the rythmn you’ll both be begging for more.

I can honestly say in terms of use, i was expecting this one to get the least use out of my new batch. But by god it has gone straight into my top 2 fleshlights. If you’re getting a 3 for 2. Add this thing in right now! If you’re only going to get 1, I have to say this one stands on its own as a great one to get. I am positive you won’t regret owning it and it will get more than enough use out of you and stand up to the pounding.

Also thank you fleshlight for giving me a nice second case, the new black one. (there will be a seperate review of the black case vs the grey one coming soon too)

So overall what do I think?

Tighter is better! And I wasn’t expecting that at all, I figured it might be too tight, but this super tight butt (or super tight mini maid as its listed) is fucking great. Women are gonna hate this toy because once you’ve felt how good anal can be your certainly going to want the real thing.Now get the hell out of my review and go lose your anal virginity 😛

Final Score 98/100