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What is a fleshlight?:Fleshlight are a range of male sex toys, and are the most popular of its kind in the world, but if you’re looking for a coupon code you probably know that already.
How much can I save?: Typically around 10%, 15% or 20% off. You’ll typically see free shipping offers and discount codes. They very rarely tend to go above 30% but black friday and other big holidays tend to come with bigger discounts for a limited time.
How can I use the coupon codes shown All you do is enter them in the relevant box at the checkout and the discount will be applied to your order.
How you can pay for a Fleshlight: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Echecks and Money orders (currently not paypal). Orders can be placed over the phone and on their website. If you want to order from fleshlight.com but you are in the EU you need to call the US number and order over the phone. Coupon codes and deals will still work when you order over the phone.After clicking “review order” your discount will appear.
Do Fleshlight.com Codes work on Flesh light International too They do in our experience, but this isn’t guarenteed. But yes all the ones we have seen will work on both sites and over the phone.

Contact Details for Fleshlight.com
888-804-4453 / 505-527-0296
ILF Inc. Attn: Returns/Exchanges PO Box 40426 Austin, TX 78704
United States

For European Orders
c/ Torre de los Herberos 23
Poligono Indstrial Carretera de la Isla
41703 Dos Hermanas, Sevilla
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October 2013 Fleshlight Coupon Code

October is the month of Halloween and is usually a month full of deals. Check below to see our fleshlight coupon codes. We’re still running surveys and questions too. Post any ideas for future questions you want answered below! Theres currently a 25% off deal as well as a lot of two for one deals on products like the Flight. 25% off the STU and Pink Lady. Order in your favourite, get some lube and get the warm and your dick warmed up. There will also be black friday deals I would imagine and cyber monday Fleshlight deals. Anyway, check below to see what the working coupon codes are for this month. As always we have a fleshlight coupon code which is always kept up to date so check that one too.

Circumcision Study:29% of Circumcised Brits would NOT circumcise their child. 13% of Circumcised Americans would NOT

I thought it would be interesting to get some data and facts and figures to do with sex and the body on this site so we’re trying something new with our first mini survey. We ran a survey on a topic we think will spark conversation and debate and we hope you agree (and will share your opinion on it too). So these are the results from our first survey.We ran this little survey between 100 American men and the 100 men in the UK asking two simple questions:
Q1: Are you Circumcised


Q2: Would you Circumcise your child.

Because walls of text are boring here are some of the most interesting data our study:

  • 29% of Circumcised brits would NOT circumcise their child, However only 12% of Circumcised americans would NOT circumcise their child.

  • 87% of Circumcised Americans would circumcise their child. Only 71% Of Circumcised Brits would Circumcise their child

  • Only 4% of uncircumcised brits WOULD circumcise their child. However 30% of uncircumcised American men would circumcise their children

Naturally we have to assume there are a certain percentage of the survey takers are circumcised for religious reasons and we have to assume that regardless of personal feeling, circumcision is not up for debate when it comes to their child and they are an automatic yes. Unfortunately we did not collect religion in this study but it would be interesting to pull the data and see that too. The US and UK attitudes to circumcision are almost polar opposites. Circumcision in the UK is more of a religious or medical issue whereas Americans tend to do it based on a preference for circumcised males as it is perceived to be cleaner. We thought it was interesting that the number of people that wouldn’t circumcise their child was so high amongst circumcised men.

Interestingly 30% of uncircumcised American men would circumcise their child, is this due to growing pressure in America to be circumcised? We’ve all heard tales of Brits travelling abroad and prospective partners being grossed out or confused because they had a foreskin.

I’ll be leaving the comments open and adding thoughts and opinions into the post that I find interesting. What are your thoughts on circumcision, are you circumcised and would you circumcise your child? Please Like/Share/Comment/Link etc we’d love to get a debate going!

Fleshlight Coupon Code for September 2013


Once again we have fleshlight codes for you for the end of summer. It’s almost fall but the discounts are still falling. Theres 15% off a bunch of the fleshlight products and we have a fleshlight coupon code for money off. By using the offers like free shipping and money off you can save plenty off your order. It’s still sunny out there so why not try the fire and ice lube to warm up and cool down. No new textures or fleshlight girls have been launched but we’ll keep you informed. For 15% off it should work on most products for 10% off you need to use a code but check daily to see how much the current code is worth, it may get you more off your order. Check out our evergreen working fleshlight coupon code page to see all up to date deals, but this post will focus on codes and deals in September 2013. Enjoy the discount!

Is it safe to urinate in a girls vagina or bum

you never pee on me anymore
If you’re into watersports it might seem like a really fun idea to see just how far you can go with the peeing theme. Peeing on each other, peeing through clothes, panties and underwear, the classic golden shower. But can you pee inside a girls vagina, or inside a guy or girls ass.
The answer is probably yes, it should be fairly safe, but you should be aware that you may be messing with the girls vaginal ph balance. If it burns then stop. Don’t hold it in there for too long if you’re playing with butt plugs or vaginal plugs. Again with enemas you might be fine too as the time should be limited.

You probably SHOULDN’T be doing it but if done carefully you probably can. Consult a doctor if you’re not 100% sure.

Fleshlight Codes for August 2013

Summer is still here and it’s amazingly hot! It’s August 2013, we’re over half way through the year but we still have plenty of discounts. There seems to be new mini fleshlight vortex girls on fleshlight.com. There have been a lot of 15% off sales and there is still free shipping on bigger orders too.The mini lotus vibro looks interesting too. If any of you try it out let us know what it’s like! There are free surprise sleeves again with some orders and there are free shower mounts on some order too. Lots of discounts to chose from. We still have our main fleshlight coupon code page here, but here are this months codes for you too. Checked and updated daily!

Fleshlight Vortex Texture Review


The Fleshlight Vortex is a pretty awesome toy.  I have used quite a few Fleshlights in my day and I would have to say that the Vortex is easily in the top three, maybe even top two, of my favorite Fleshlight toys..  I’d have a hard time picking between the Fleshlight Vortex and the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit.  The Fleshlight Vortex features four spiraled chambers that create an amazing sensation when in use.  Between each of these chambers is a smaller diameter section which will squeeze down on you as you pass through it.  The Fleshlight Vortex sleeve was one of the first Fleshlight toys to have an inner canal that changes diameter.  The Fleshlight Vortex is made of Fleshlight’s patented Real Feel Super Skin® material.  This material is Fleshlight’s own invention and is amazing soft, life-like, elastic and it’s excellent at retaining heat.  The Real Feel Super Skin® material is also body safe and is Phthalate free.

To get the best experience with your Fleshlight Vortex I highly recommend heating it up first.  You don’t want to do this in the microwave or with boiling water, you could end up destroying your Fleshlight or injuring yourself.  To heat it up, just fill your sink with some hot water and let the Vortex soak in the water for 10-15 minutes.  Then just apply some water-based lubricant to yourself and the Fleshlight and do your thing.  After the Fleshlight Vortex has worked it’s magic on you it’s time to clean up.  Cleaning a Fleshlight is a very simple process.  Just remove the insert from the case, run a liberal amount of water through the inner canal and you should be good to go.  Do not use any soap as this could damage your Fleshlight. Rember to use our fleshlight coupon code page when you buy any fleshlight product!

How to Hide Your Sex Toys From Kids

adult toy box

There comes an ages where kids will start exploring the house and they will look EVERYWHERE. So if you have certain toys you don’t want them playing with, how do you make sure they don’t accidently find a brand new exciting toy in your room.

We looked around and tried to find the best tips we could for hiding your sex toys from children in the house, or just roommates and housemates you might not want to stumble across your play things.

adult toy bag

  • Keep them high up! Make sure they are out of reach. Put them in the top of a cupboard or wardrobe far at the back where even you struggle with reaching.
  • Put them in your boxes and lock them. At an age where kids understand then possibly explain, but for now ensure they are locked away and can’t be opened by accident.
  • Lock your room. Make sure your kids can’t get in without you.
  • Put them in an innocent bag. Pick something noone would look twice at and that noone wants to open.
  • Childproof your draws. This might only work up to a certain age, but try anyway.
  • Secret compartments! Easier said than done, but they are cool – and keep your stuff hidden.
  • Gun safe with a finger reader. Just so noone can get in at all. A little extreme but it depends what toys you have!


Can you use coconut oil with sex toys

coconut oil and sex toys

We all know latex and oil aren’t a great mix. This goes for condom and non water based lubes, as well as the use of sex toys and certain lubes which will destroy the material.

So can coconut oil be used with sex toys and in play?. In short – yes you can. It should be safe for toys and internal use. It makes a good lip balm and is good for the skin too. To be 100% sure you should probably avoid latex based toys and coconut oil but glass and other materials should be fine. The general feedback from people is that is is fine.

It should also be safe for anal, vaginal and rubber toys. As well as being edible and smelling great too.. If you’re really worried then use water based lubes where possible. These should be available in nearly every sex shop you can think of, as well as pharmacies