How to make a rim job hygienic – Rimming

If you’re keen to start a little tongue and ass play you might be wanting to know how to make sure you’re as clean as possible. There are some obvious risks involved and certain things no-one (or not many) people want to experience during rimming. I’ll leave that to your imagination.
So how do you keep it clean and make sure you’re safe.

  • Minimize the risk by eating only freshly showered butt.
  • Make sure everything is properly cleaned before anything happens
  • Mouthwash afterwards

Simple really, now enjoy and have fun!


Fleshlight Coupon Code December 2013

fleshlight coupon codes for december 2013
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Fleshlight Black Friday 2013 Deals and Codes

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Just a heads up, we are expecting BIG BIG black friday savings the current deal we’re hearing on the official grapevine is 25% but its not active until the day. Of course there is every chance that other deals may pop up over the weekend so keep your eyes peeled! When they go live we’ll have it confirmed here so checked this post over Thanksgiving weekend, this page should keep track of any for Black Friday but also check out our Cyber Monday post too. There is a little rotating banner that will update as soon as they go live! So keep an eye out and keep refreshing and let us know what you get in the comments! We will have any active codes too so check to reveal them and see if they can be applied to your orders 🙂 happy Thanksgiving.

Sex toys that have appeared in mainstream movies

No longer are sex toys hidden away in seedy sex shops; today they seem to be everywhere including many mainstream movies. The breakthrough into polite society was to a large extent a result of “Sex in the City” which achieved for the Bunny vibrator that kind of popularity that Delia Smith achieved for cookware. Here is a selection of mainstream movies that have featured some kind of sex toy.
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how to become a sex toy tester or reviewer

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    Fleshlight Coupons for November 2013

    Capture_2013_11_01_15_52_01_515Halloween is over but November is here! Its very nearly christmas, as always here we have some great fleshlight codes that work as a coupon for money off on and fleshlight international. Just click the banners below to show the codes that work at the moment and then type them in at the checkout page. Easy! Let us know what you buy too 🙂

    Top 8 Sex toys in video games

    Grand Theft Auto

    Sex toys feature in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and they seem to be particularly prevalent in Liberty City in GTA IV. You can collect pink vibrators in a number of locations and a good place to begin looking for them is in the warehouse where they can often be found hidden amongst the discarded rubbish.

    There is also sex shop in Las Venturas in GTA San Andreas in that stocks lots of sex toys and which the croupier visits in order to purchase some sexy/fetish clothes. Sex toys are also found in various police stations in Las Venturas. Visit the shower room and you will find a purple sex toy dildo that you can use as a weapon; it is quite a powerful weapon too. Dildos can also be used for other purposes, and CJ hands them out as presents to his girlfriends to entertain themselves when he is not around.

    Grand theft auto purple dildo easter egg Grand theft auto hidden purple dildo easter egg 2

    (Credit to

    Pink dildos feature in GTA V, though they are of limited use; you can only use them as projectiles. You can pick them up at the sex shop in Hove Beach. However Amanda has found a use for them; Michael De Santa catches her using one for its intended purpose, and in annoyance she throws it at him.

    Love at a distance – the OIOO

    The OIOO is described as a body massaging device, but it doesn’t take too much imagination to realise its real purpose. There are two Wii controllers and responders; one shaped like a dildo and the other is doughnut shaped. Two people connect over the internet and when one moves one of the controllers the other vibrates in response. There are many different modes including a private one and you can use the device for recording intimate video clips.



    (credit to

    Mojowijo Wii Dildo

    Mojowijo has also launched a range of Wii dildo controller extensions including male and female versions. You simply attach the dildos to your Wii controllers and via Bluetooth to a PC, and have remote fun in the same room or over the internet.

    Mojowijo for wii

    Do it yourself video game sex toys

    Making your own sex toys from video game peripherals is becoming popular, and relatively simple modifications can enhance your gaming experience considerably; you can easily change your Xbox into a SeXbox. All you need do is use the signals that drive the vibration transponders in the controllers control the vibrator in a dildo.

    Buttkicker Gamer

    The Buttkicker Gamer is an ideal starting point and requires very little modification to turn it into a sparkling sex toy for the ultimate in immersive gaming experiences. The Atari Vibrator can be quite thrilling too, and it is a great way to spice up Space Invaders and other games in which the action gets progressively faster.

    Butt Kicker Gamer as sex toy

    Rumble Massage

    Rumble Massage is an Xbox game that is designed to take control of the vibrations of a game controller. It is said to be designed to massage your neck and shoulders that have become stiff from too much gaming activity; you can start with a gentle massage and gradually increase the intensity. Put the controller anywhere that you think would benefit.

    Saints Row III

    Saints Row: The Third is the third chapter in the Saints Row series of action video games set in the open world. The player takes on the role of the leader of the Street Saints gang that hangs around in Steelport and is at war with two other gangs while coping with STAG, the anti-gang division of the police force.

    The game features some rather interesting weapons, though the most bizarre is a sex toy in the form of a huge purple dildo. Known as “the penetrator” it is a meter long and fairly flexible. In the game it is located in Brickston; you can find it in the east shore cave; though gaming merchandise fans can even buy a real version of it.Saints row Purple Dildo Bat Weaspon


    No post would be complete without a mention of the Rez Trance Vibrator. This reacted to the music in game and was more powerful than the dual shock controllers. “The Xbox 360 version, Rez HD, uses up to three additional controllers for the trance vibration functionality in the game.”

    trance-vibrator for Rez


     If we’ve missed any let us know in the comments!

    Porn on the Brain Review from Channel 4


    Channel 4 aired an amazing show on Channel 4 the other day. It originally aired on the 30th of September 2013. You can currently catch it on 4OD at the moment too at the time of writing its only up for another 7 days so it may not be up any longer.


    Anyway this show was a great look at the change in exposure of Pornography to our kids and teenagers. There were some really heartfelt scenes from, Calum who says he is addicted to porn so much he can masturbate 16 times a day and even pops into the pub at one point to masturbate after seeing a girl in hotpants which triggers him.

    A really good point raised was that the older generations never had access to this amount of hardcore porn and not this easily. It was totally disturbing to see that kids at GCSE age were talking about pigs and girls and beastiality as if it was totally normal for that to be passed around schools.

    The one point to really come out of this was that we need to talk to our kids. Whenever that time comes, sit down, explain to them that it isn’t normal. We promote sex toys here and a healthy sex life. Everything should be done with the key point in mind that porn isn’t reality and that while you may have fun, it is important to separate porn and reality but equaly as important to ensure kids know this when growing up too.

    The brains of porn addicts showed similar responses to other addicts such as drug addicts

    The brain scan stuff is from 13.30 onwards

    Porn on the brain

    I was surprised to see no mention of sites and movements like  who are actively seeking to reduce and ocntrol their masturabtion and pornography habbits for a variety of reasons. Another amazing fact was that around 1/4 of guys they survey’d has tried and failed to give it up. While plenty of people can do it day in and day out with no effect on other parts of their lives there is a significant portion of people who need to control that aspect of their lives and there really isn’t much support for them out there as we saw. Hopefully Calum and other people with similar problems can find the help they need to combat porn addiction and more studies and research can be formalised on the subject, I’d love to read more about it. You may also find the site an interesting read too if you want to see current research done on the subject.

    Free Fleshlight Freaks

    Fleshlight Freaks

    I’m not 100% sure on the details but it seems that they are giving away free fleshlight freaks with any $79 order. I would imagine it would be at random from the range that are currently available. So if you want one, get one now. Or use a fleshlight coupon code to buy something at a discounted rate on these male masturbators.