My filthy fantasies: Teacher/Student Roleplay story

When some people look back over their school things, they think of the great friends they made, or the high jinx that they got up to in the changing room (I went to an all girls’ private school, so I apologize if this is a bit stilted), the experimental lesbianism, if you could really get away with a leather jacket and Doc Martens, or how short you could roll your skirt up before the terrifying deputy head mistress would call you to one side and tell you off in front of everyone, and make you roll it down, to the embarrassing, nun-like-length of on the knee, or running away from her, when your Amy Winehouse inspired eyeliner threatened to swallow your face in blackness, the blackness like your soul.

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Why You Might have more sex toys lying around than you think – Alternative Sex Toys

Alt sex toy review: the belt

There’s such a range of delicious insertable, wankable and spankable things in the world that ‘kid in a sweet shop’ doesn’t quite come close to the feeling of browsing one of the many sex toy sites. Unfortunately, the excitement of selecting your new implement, and the joy of unwrapping the discreet packaging to find something shiny to play with often pales into insignificance with the feeling that you’ve just spent £50 on something you might only use once.

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March 2014 Coupon Codes


Bit late with the update, sorry guys, but here we are with March 2014 codes and offers for you! Going to keep this post short and sweet! There is currently 25% off all Fleshlight brand products, codes won’t work with that deal as far as I know but we’ll list the working codes and deals here – so click on the banner to see what codes are also available. As I said I don’t think you can combine them with general discounts but might be worth a try. Happy March, hope spring is starting where you are and it’s not too cold! Remember to check here for the latest!


How long does it take for pinapple to change the taste of your cum

pineapple slices on tits
Apparently pineapple makes your cum taste sweeter, especially if you have a meat heavy diet. But how long does it actually take for the pineapple juice to make your cum taste sweeter.
Well apparently some tests have been done and it can take as little as 3 hours which seems rather quick! But if you consider how quickly something like asaparagus can change the smell of your piss its not that surprising that pineapple juice would have the desired effect so quickly. I guess for best results you should drink some daily, but its nice to know a glass or two a few hours before the act could make a difference if you’re planning on getting your cum swallowed. I don’t think any cum receiver is going to complain about that!

You can also just take bromelain supplements if you don’t want to drink pineapple juice. I think this has the same effect as it is reportedly the active ingredient which makes your cum taste better.

February 2014 Fleshlight Coupon Codes


Its the month of love! So enjoy 25% off fleshlights at the moment. This offer may change and update but we’ll update here to let you know! So bookmark this site to stay up to date. I can’t believe there is now a Jenna Jameson fleshlight! Its crazy, well done for bagging her, and hopefully you guys will buy it and less us know how it is! Right?! Anyway click the banner below to see the working codes and deals for February 2014. Enjoy!

Fetish for sniffing arm pits and butts and feet.


Was reading about this on Reddit as always where the guy refers to it as olfactophilia. Basically it’s as simple as enjoying the scent of a womens ass or armpit or feet when they aren’t exactly fresh. It makes total sense, pheromones are powerful things and it makes sense that these would build up in sweat and that people would enjoy sniffying a stinky armpit or butt. There are even studies into whether people can find attraction based on the scent of their sweat. The post talks about rubbing a finger around the butt and then under your nose to tease you with a whiff of butt or burying yourself in their sweaty armpit. This isn’t necessarily part of fem dom but I can’t see why it couldn’t lead to it. If you’re looking for it try looking for body odor and pheromone fetish although theres a lot of ass-smellling and ass sniffing porn. It might not be what you’re after. mysophilia is also similar but it is more about getting the person dirty or them being dirty I’m not sure if that fills the niche.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments!

New Jenna Jameson Fleshlight girl and V Stroker VR


Just a quick update – there is now a Jenna Jameson fleshlight girl! This girls been around for years its amazing they managed to get her! You can now fuck the legend, so get on it! Also the Flight is now Vstroker enabled which is great for all involved. You can plug it into your computer and control the action. Does the Vstroker work with mac and pc – yes it does! You can also get free content from special emails you’ll get when you buy the vstroker. Click the picture above to get either of the products mentioned and check our site for discounts on the Jenna Jameson or the Flight VStroker. Have a good one!


January 2014 Fleshlight Coupon Codes

Brand new year and we’re looking for new codes for you too! At the moment you can enjo 20% off but we want a better deal! Hopefully we’ll see a repeat of the 25% off code this year. Hope you all had a great new year and you’re enjoying all the fun toys you got or will be getting. Click below for any new codes we have. As always keep checking this site through the year to see what the Fleshlight news and deals are.