Fleshlight Launchpad (if there is a coupon code we’ll find it ;) )

Capture_2014_06_26_21_38_22_675Fleshlight have just launched the amazing Launchpad – an iPad case you can fuck! Basically it lets you stick your fleshlight just under the ipad and get a great POV while you’re watching something or camming together.


We’ll keep an eye out for a Fleshlight launchpad Coupon Code so check this post and banner to see what we’ve found! At the moment it’s just around 25% – Clicking below will also take you to the Fleshlight Launchpad page so you can buy one if you want!

Guardian Tweets Out Picture of Fleshlight

Guardian Fleshlight Tweet

We peak inside the luggage of a relief worker in Afghanistan on our #humanitarian assignment http://t.co/xRaeMvcgaN pic.twitter.com/aaaSSnZ56d

— Development Pros (@GuardianGDP) June 11, 2014


The guardian tweeted out the pictures of a relief workers bag today. Did they know it had a fleshlight in it? Which just to let you know is the pink butt version which you can buy here

Guardian Fleshlight Tweet Capture_2014_06_12_19_36_23_148

How many of you guys take fleshlights on holidays or work trips? There has been no official comment but I can’t see the tweet live on their twitter anymore. Nice bit of press for Fleshlight though! They are having a 25% off sale to celebrate!

Fleshlight Coupon Code offers for June 2014


June 2014 time for more Fleshlight discounts! As always click the banner to be taken to deals, or click the banner below to reveal any working discounts we have!

Heres a little roundup for Recent fleshlight action too!:

This guy unboxes his fleshlight and loves it!

Alexis Texas sells a signed and autographed signature fleshlight – our link only has unsigned, but thats still good right?!

FHM Tells us how to make sex toys out of things in the house!

annnd Katy Price is going to be launching her own Sex toy range – do we think they’ll be a Katy Price Fleshlight in that range? Who knows.
and fund Oh Joy Sex Toy on kickstarter too – they are awesome!

Fleshlight Coupon Codes for May 2014

Late May Post, but we have codes and discounts for you! There is current 25% off everything which you can grab with no code, but it’s worth checking to see if there are any discounts you can stack on top. Just click the banner below to see the current working codes


Sex and Latex Allergy

There are two forms of latex allergies, and while one is uncomfortable, the other is dangerous and potentially fatal. Dealing with these allergies is a problem for anyone, as there is so much latex in our environment. However it has particular ramifications in relation to sex.

Here we will look at both of these allergies, though most of this article will be about the more dangerous on, and we will look at the implications regarding contraception, latex fetish wear, and latex sex toys, and in all cases we will recommend alternative solutions.

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Fleshlight Coupon Codes April 2014

Its not April fool, there is still 25% off all Fleshlights on the site. You should totally check them out this sale has been going on a while and is bound to end soon. In the mean time, why not try and use a discount code on your order. You can apply the coupon at the checkout and receive money off your order. Its finally getting warmer here, but not very quickly! April 2014 seems to be a little cold for my liking. Warm yourself up with some hot lube and a warm fleshlight.

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True Erotic Story – Piss on me Simon

I’ve touched on this guy a bit in my blog, but I’ve never really thought that he was worth talking about. He was the first guy after number 8 that I built ‘something’ whatever that something was, with. He was the first one that I felt I could open up to a bit to, after everything went down, after a summer of shagging, he was the one that I thought I would settle down to, with. Which is stupid, but whatever.

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