Coupon Codes for June 2013

Well that didn’t last very long! The signature sleeves are back. I’m still not sure how long these are back for but it seems like they are serious about keeping them. I guess we’ll see. Anyway you’re here for the discount codes for June 2013 and we have them! There is currently a 15% off sitewide sale, not word of when this ends, but as usual I don’t think codes add extra discount on top of the discount, so you won’t end up with 25% off or however the maths work out :P. The shower mount seems to be back in stock too and that always seems to grab it quick! There is no discount for the shower mount and it only seems to be purchasable with a fleshlight. Anyway as always enter them at the checkout where it says, and you should see it applied to your order. Easy! Hopefully the weather will stay nicer now its properly summer too!