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What is a Fleshlight?They are a range of male sex toys, and are the most popular of its kind in the world, but if you’re looking for a coupon code you probably know that already.

You can read our reviews of the

Supertight Butt Review | The Classic Fleshlight Here | and the Fleshjack here

Do They Ever Offer Discounts: Occasionally you’ll see offers or a fleshlight coupon code for typically around 10%, 15% or 20% off. You’ll typically see free shipping offers and fleshlight coupon codes. They very rarely tend to go above 30% but black Friday and other big holidays tend to come with bigger discounts for a limited time. However the frequently run offers such as buy 2 get 1 free, or specific product deals which change on the site. See below for the best offers and deals

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Current Deals and Discounts

The whole experience of using it is a little weird, but once you get over it, it feels fucking amazing. I couldn’t believe it,The Fleshlight is probably the most popular male sex toy in the world that is modeled around the idea of a male sex toy hidden in plain site, in a torch case!

Look at it! Its both hillarious and enduringly sexy.

It has been featured in on TV, was featured in Zack and Miri, Kevin Smith is a big big fan of them too.

Women are gonna hate this toy because once you’ve felt how good anal can be your certainly going to want the real thing.

Orginally it was a grey tube with a pussy insert but over time it has evolved and grown. The design now is sleaker and you’ll find many different inserts and addtions including a build your own (pick your own entrance type and insert) Stamina to help you last longer in bed, see through ones, the smaller bodied Flight, the Launchpad which is a fleshlight case for your iPad. Fleshlight are a company that is constantly above of the curve and that’s why they are our favourite male sex toy.

It even has a little clit if you feel you want to give some pleasure back in return.

There really is nothing else like it out there! You can read our full reviews on this site but here are some choice quotes.

To be honest though, other than its total lack of subtlety the Fleshlight actually pretty awesome

Which is the best Fleshlight? It really depends what you’re after so here are our top 5 for different things.

Best Transportable/Subtle Fleshlight: Fleshlight Flight

Best to improve your performance: Fleshlight Stamina Unit (STU)

Most like fucking a porn star?:The Fleshlight girls series (modelled after famous pornstars including Stoya, Nina Hartley, and Jenna Jameson, Joanna Angel

Best Accessories? Fleshlight shower mount (fuck your Fleshlight in the shower), or Fleshlight Launchpad (fuck your iPad)

Most Unusual: Nothing beats Fleshlight freaks Alien, Frankenstein, Zombie and Vampire pussies and cocks – seriously.

How you can pay for one: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Echecks and Money orders (currently not paypal). Orders can be placed over the phone and on their website. If you want to order from fleshlight.com but you are in the EU you need to call the US number and order over the phone. Coupon codes and deals will still work when you order over the phone.After clicking “review order” your reduced price will appear.


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