Which Free Fleshlight Textures Did Everyone Get

I’ve been looking on the fleshlight forum and after the free fleshlight sleeve giveaway I thought I’d recap on which sleeves ended up being sent out in the end (or a selection of them anyway).

So here we go, here are the sleeves that are being mentioned in the forums. This deal is currently over (we also ordered a sleeve for someone and missed out on it by a day so we’re sad too, but we got free lube instead so thats ok). Anyway here you go, people were getting…

  • Silvie Deluxe¬†“lotus”
  • Jack Ass (cheeks)
  • Suzie Diamond Lotus.
  • Fleshlight Girls vortex
  • Gabby Quinteros lotus sleeve
  • Ice, Cheeks Wonderwave
  • Silvie Deluxe Primal
  • Ice Vortex
  • Frankenstein
  • Raven Riley Rattler


So it seems a lot from this girl – Silvie Delux, who I’d never heard of before. Maybe they had a lot of her sleeves left after the deal ended so they were giving them away. Anyway I hope you enjoyed your free sleeve if you got one. If you missed out on a free sleeve you can always use our fleshlight coupon code page to find another deal or discount for your order.