Our Tracey Cox Supersex Super-Sized Bullet Review

Tracey Cox Bullet Packaging

We take a look at the tracey cox Vibe from Lovehoney, reviewing one of the most popular little bullets around.


The TC Bullet come in some tasteful packaging which if you open it carefully it can be reused. If not it can be recycled.


The TC Bullet takes 2AAA batteries which are widely available. The batteries slot into the body of the toy, and the larger batteries also make it a more powerful toy.


Surprisingly this is a pretty quiet vibrator even when it is on high speed its not to noisey, I wouldn’t worry about using it in a shared house. There isn’t even any noticeable battery rattle from it.

Tracey Cox Bullet Vibe Close


This is a powerful vibrator which has 3 different speeds and 3 different patterns, the highest speed on this vibrator is very powerful, but not in a buzzy annoying kind of way like a lot of toys of this type, in a deep down throbby and pulsing kind of way.


This is a larger bullet vibrator and this makes it a great bullet as there is no messing about trying to get the vibrations in the right spot, the extra area means that it is easier to hold it in the right spot.


This vibrator can be used with any lubricant as it is not made from silicone, it is also waterproof and can be used in the bath or the shower or washed in warm soapy water without having to worry that it might get damaged.


I really liked the TC Bullet vibe, it’s added size just brought added benefits for me, it made it much easier to get it in the right place, it is lovely and quiet and powerful and can be used in the bath/shower. I would recommend this vibrator for anyone who likes intense clitoral stimulation.

Tracey Cox Vibe

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