Circumcision Study:29% of Circumcised Brits would NOT circumcise their child. 13% of Circumcised Americans would NOT

I thought it would be interesting to get some data and facts and figures to do with sex and the body on this site so we’re trying something new with our first mini survey. We ran a survey on a topic we think will spark conversation and debate and we hope you agree (and will share your opinion on it too). So these are the results from our first survey.We ran this little survey between 100 American men and the 100 men in the UK asking two simple questions:
Q1: Are you Circumcised


Q2: Would you Circumcise your child.

Because walls of text are boring here are some of the most interesting data our study:

  • 29% of Circumcised brits would NOT circumcise their child, However only 12% of Circumcised americans would NOT circumcise their child.

  • 87% of Circumcised Americans would circumcise their child. Only 71% Of Circumcised Brits would Circumcise their child

  • Only 4% of uncircumcised brits WOULD circumcise their child. However 30% of uncircumcised American men would circumcise their children

Naturally we have to assume there are a certain percentage of the survey takers are circumcised for religious reasons and we have to assume that regardless of personal feeling, circumcision is not up for debate when it comes to their child and they are an automatic yes. Unfortunately we did not collect religion in this study but it would be interesting to pull the data and see that too. The US and UK attitudes to circumcision are almost polar opposites. Circumcision in the UK is more of a religious or medical issue whereas Americans tend to do it based on a preference for circumcised males as it is perceived to be cleaner. We thought it was interesting that the number of people that wouldn’t circumcise their child was so high amongst circumcised men.

Interestingly 30% of uncircumcised American men would circumcise their child, is this due to growing pressure in America to be circumcised? We’ve all heard tales of Brits travelling abroad and prospective partners being grossed out or confused because they had a foreskin.

I’ll be leaving the comments open and adding thoughts and opinions into the post that I find interesting. What are your thoughts on circumcision, are you circumcised and would you circumcise your child? Please Like/Share/Comment/Link etc we’d love to get a debate going!

  • Lenny Newman

    It’s genital mutilation and it destroys sexual pleasure, especially if you’re left with no frenulum. I know, because I’m suicidal over it. I was circumcised for ‘phimosis’ as a teen in the UK, but I since found out that it’s not necessary. Stretching can cure phimosis, or simply patience. There isn’t one valid reason for male genital mutilation. It’s homologous to female genital mutilation. Same material, just arranged differently.

  • Barb Macha

    I circumcised my three boys when they were born. My husband was circumcised when he was 23 at his own request. We had it redone when he was in his late 50’s because the remaining skin had stretched so much that he did not appear to be circumcised.
    So much better now, he also is much happier now that his penis is completely circumcised. It should have been circumcised when he was born and was done poorly when he finally had it done the first time.
    We are both very pleased now, we feel sex is so much better without all of his skin sliding around during intercourse. He totally agrees with this.
    He also had his sons circumcised when they were born.
    We would do it again, if we had the choice.

  • Vernon

    I was circumcised as an infant (thus having no say in the matter). Had I not been circumcised as an infant, I would have sought it as an adult because of its long-term medical benefits.

    I was not fortunate enough to have any sons, but if I’d had sons I would have had them circumcised as infants.

    It would have been useful to know what percentage of the respondents to your original poll were circumcised (US and UK figures separately). Of course, a sample size of only 100 from each country is too small to form the basis of extrapolation to the rest of the population.

  • Neville

    I have not had a son and am too old now but I would definitely have had my son circumcised at birth. It is impossible to get this done on the NHS so you have to pay privately. I was not circumcised until the age of 40 and it is the best thing I ever did in my life.
    I am living in the UK and I would say nowadays apart from Jews and Moslems only about 1 per cent of boys are circumcised. A circumcised penis is very rare these days in about th eunder 60’s range.
    However many adult men are getting themselves cut as they are realisi9ng the benefits. A friend of mine was cut last year at the age of 67 and like me he agrees it is the best thing he ever did

  • Joe

    I chose to be circumcised as an adult. It was a good choice. My son is circumcised as well.

  • Carlos

    How obviously biased is the opinion about this “analysis”! Just note the use of the word “only” in sentences that the author wants to use as a basis for his anti-circumcision bias…
    I am not questioning the statistics shown, which I believe are right. In the USA circumcision is seen as a healthy thing to do, which I agree 100%.
    My questioning is about the classical and cheap strategy of trying to revive the debate by “demonizing” circumcision. More of the same typical stuff here…

  • I used to be in favor of circumcision, but now that I’ve learned about it, there’s no way I would have my son cut.

    This is an excellent educational video about circumcision narrated by Dr. Dean Edell:

    A 2007 study tested the fine touch sensitivity of a group of circumcised men and a group of intact men. The study found that the foreskin has dense concentrations of nerve endings. Circumcision removes all of those nerves.

    Using data from that study, these diagrams show the areas of penile sensitivity. As you can see, the most sensitive parts are removed by circumcision:

    (sorry about the messed up links in my first comment – hopefully this one is better)

  • James Badger

    I was born in the UK at a time when circumcision was common (at least among middle and upper classes) and felt quite unhappy that I was not circumcised when many of my peers were. I much later discovered that it was because my father was opposed to it though my mother was in favour. I moved to Australia as a young man and found that most men and boys here were circumcised. I was circumcised here and immediately realized that I hadn’t been imagining the benefits! My wife (another immigrant to Australia) is from a country where circumcision isn’t common, so we didn’t have our sons circumcised at birth, but our older son had to be circumcised because of problems, and our younger son was quite determined that he wanted to be, too. In fact he was very upset that we hadn’t had him circumcised at birth. So of course he was, too. Both sons are totally determined that their own sons will be circumcised.

  • Circumcision is harmful to a child, it is irreversible, and it denies a male his right to self-determination in regard to his body and to his religion. For those who don’t understand the important protective and erogenous roles of the foreskin, please note that the foreskin houses tens of thousands of erogenous nerve endings, which encircle the opening of the foreskin. These are the nerve endings that let a man know what his penis is feeling and where he is in relation to the orgasmic threshold. Without them, the #1 complaint of circumcised males is premature ejaculation. Fortunately, pleasure is pleasure and circumcised me do have uncontrollable ejaculation and some pleasure, but they never ride the wave to orgasm in the same way intact males and females do because they don’t have the preputial nerves that provide a normal ride to ecstasy. Women who don’t understand or ever experience the gliding mechanism, where labia and prepuce meet and allow gentle entry of the sensitive glans, may deride the foreskin, but they, too, don’t know what they’re missing! Normal genital form cannot be altered without disturbing normal genital function. Once people come to understand how circumcision interferes with normal sexual functioning, perhaps parents will protect their sons bodies and sex lives instead of passing the primal wounding along.