Mistress Mondays – Mistress Ivy

mistress ivy 2This is a new feature on our site – Mistress Mondays (or Master Mondays when we’re talking to a guy!) This should give you some insight into some of the best doms  in the world and what makes them tick. If you want to be featured just drop us an email at contact @ naughtycouponcodes.com For the honour of the first Mistress Monday goes to – Mistress Ivy!

Who are you: Mistress Ivy
What are your specialities: Corporal Punishment
What inspired you to become a dom and get into this line of work: I have been fantasizing about punishing boys ever since childhood, I used to tie the boys up in the play ground
How was your first session: I had been punishing chaps for a while before doing it professionally anyway so it all came rather naturally
Have you discovered any things you didn’t think you’d enjoy but have now become favourites of yours: Yes water sports, I love degrading men and urinating all over them
Are there any fetishes or scenarios that are most common and ones that are common that you thought they’d be: Not really I think most people have quite unique fetishes, although most submissive men I have met like feet.


mistress ivy feet


What makes a good dom: Someone who can control their surroundings, stay firm and assertive, and be responsible
What makes a good sub: knowing themselves, and been able to communicate with their domme/top
What makes you the best ;)? I listen to my slaves, I get to know them, I still take control but I use my control responsibly, I stay in control and don’t let them get away with everything

mistress ivy spanking
What was your favourite session: My favourite sessions are usually with slaves once I’ve got to know them better so I can push their limits I can’t think of a particular one as there have been so many, but I love service and having men give me massages serve me food and clean, I also enjoy trampling on them and inflicting pain for my sadistic pleasure.
In your private life are you a dom/sub too? Yes I am
Do you have any hard limits: nothing illegal
What would you say to anyone thinking of calling you up: please be direct with me, let me know your interests, nothing shocks me and we will see if are interests meet, also please note I usually require a deposit via amazon voucher
What are your favourite sites both SFW and nsfw, fetlife, twitter, facebook (sadisticmissivy) on fetlife
Who inspires you, or what quote inspires you: ‘in your mind you see me as your goddess, in reality I already own you’ ‘slavery is freedom’
Finally give any subs out there reading a task for the day after reading this!
There is a book called the bottoming book by Dossie Easten not a bad book to read if you want to learn more about how to be a good bottom

What are your favourite Clubs: Decadence and subversion are my favourite clubs.

You can find Mistress Ivy at www.mistressivy.co.uk

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