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I EARN A LIVING FROM WALKING ON MENWelcome to our second week of Mistress Mondays – we missed one already but don’t worry, Mistress Absolute more than makes up for the week we missed. Now lets start our chat with the lovely Mistress.

Who are you: Mistress Absolute

What are your specialties: I enjoy most forms of Domination and kinky play. I love long sensory deprivation sessions but also enjoy more sadistic CP play. I have several collared slaves who have been with Me for over 10 years so save training is also something that I consider a speciality.

What inspired you to become a dom and get into this line of work – I have always been this way…..even as a child I was tying boys up and bossing people around

How was your first session: It was a foot fetish session and it was just dreamy!

Have you discovered any things you didn’t think you’d enjoy but have now become favourites of yours; most of the things I started out playing with or specifically learnt how to do are the ones that I still enjoy now but the one thing I was hesitant with at first, for good reason, was breath play and needle play – both of those I now considered to be specialities

Are there any fetishes or scenarios that are most common and ones that are common that you thought they’d be: Its funny that over the 15 years I have been doing this there are trends that come and go – at the moment chastity has gained in popularity about 8 years ago everyone was into rope then loads of people started bringing violet wands into clubs then needle play was the big thing and now cuckolding and chastity are in fashion

CP - Judical & Extreme

What makes a good dom: Creativity, control and care

What makes a good sub: lack of ego and dedication

What makes you the best ;)? I have years of experience and still delight in what I do!

What was your favourite session: too many to choose from…. but possibly a beating I did in the tower or the OWK castle (Other World Kingdom – now unfortunately shut) with candles whist a huge thunder storm was going on outside…oh or the 3 day prisoner scenario …oh or the eyes wide shut scene I did with 4 sub girls and a harp player….ohhh so many choices

In your private life are you a dom/sub too? I am Dominant all the time – in and out of my ‘pro’ sessions

Do you have any hard limits: I do not engage in scat play or adult baby play – they just don’t hold any appeal to Me. I also dont offer any naked sessions or body worship above the knee….I see My role as the Dominant as the untouchable…the Lady on a pedestal.

What would you say to anyone thinking of calling you up: Take some time to read My website so you don’t waste My time asking stupid questions that are clearly outlined on the site

Who inspires you, or what quote inspires you – hehehe My own quote – “crying is not a safeword”

What clubs/nights do you enjoy/recommend – Club Subversion and Domme Trips which I happen to run :o)

Finally give any subs out there reading a task for the day after reading this! book a session with Me

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