Interview: We talk to Jenne from Clitical

We managed to get a few minutes with the lovely webmaster at – Jenne, her website is all about the world of female masturbation, but as she puts it best:
you will find information on the most important female sex organs: The Clitoris and the Mind!
jenneWhat inspired you to start testing toys

My reviewing career began as something of a happy accident. I worked with an adult toy store that sadly no longer exists and they suggested that they could send me toys, I could review and publish at Clitical.Com. I quickly discovered I love reviewing and the rest as they say is history.

How did you know when your site had been a big success

Clitical.Com is always a work in progress and I’m not sure I’ve ever thought of her in terms of successful. For me, Clitical is more a labor of love. I do recall getting my first email telling me that the lady who had sent it had experienced her first orgasm. That felt like success at it’s best.

What is the best toy you’ve used for girls/men/couples (answer any/all that you can)

My personal favorite when it comes to solo toys is the Form 2 by Jimmy Jane. Over the past few years this has become my go to toy. Hubby and I recently discovered the delights of prostate play thanks to Charlie Clickman’s book, The Ultimate Guide To Prostate Pleasure, and the Aneros Eupho Syn. Whilst it’s not a couples toy per say, if you’re male partner is open to prostate play it’s worth a try for sure. When Hubby and I are doing the horizontal tango we enjoy adding the Tantus Little Secret into the mix.

What do you think more people would enjoy if they could get over fears/kinks

That’s seems like an easier question to answer than it actually is. The truth is once you let go of your fears and perceived insecurities the sky literally becomes the limit, where sexuality is involved. Of course there are some kinks that should stay firmly in the closet when it comes to a partner but fear will paralyze many people. What have you learnt from all the toy testing

For me over the years sex toy testing has become a little like shopping for a new outfit. Don’t dismiss something out of hand because you ‘think’ it won’t be a good fit for you. I’ve often been pleasantly surprised by toys that I thought would not work for me. In other words don’t be afraid to experiment.
What would you recommend as some sex toy box essentials

The Form 2 by JimmyJane should in my opinion be a staple in everyone’s toy box. It’s stood the test of time and that speaks volumes.

What do you wish a sex toy could do but they don’t seem to be able to yet

Obtain the thrusting action only a real penis that is attached to a live make is able to produce. The Stronic range from Fun Factory comes close but it’s not quite there, but darn it’s close… 

How would you recommend a women gets to know what works for her and what doesn’t

The first thing you need to do is relax… Tension is an orgasms worst enemy. Masturbation is a great first step into the world of sexuality and is often something that we as females are taught not to do, especially once we are in a relationship. There is a myth that still persists that once we have a partner, they will just know how to please us and nothing could be further from the truth. Spending time exploring your own body is well worth the investment in my opinion,

What is the biggest misconception you see

That one type of sex fits all. There truly is no right or wrong way to enjoy a sexual encounter, either partnered or solo. It’s about being in the moment rather than living the moment.

What single phrase can make you go weak at the knees

None. Kiss my on the back of the neck of the neck though and you will gain my interest for sure. What are your favourite safe for work and not safe for work sites to visit on the net

I love tumblr, it might sound boring but I can literally spend 3 hours on tumblr and not even realize it. I’m also a huge Pinterest fan for the same reason. I have several blogs that I visit daily and these include:http://www.kinketc.com and
Who are your sexual heros

That would have to be Charlie Glickman, Marty Klien, and Dr Joycelyn Elders. There are others but these three people represent some of the best in the field of sexuality as well as the most relatable.

Who is your celebrity crush in porn and in mainstream movies

Ok, I will admit when it comes to porn, I have a thing for James Deen, but try not to judge me LOL. When it comes to mainstream movie I really don’t do the whole celebrity crush thing, although I do have a serious thing for Gabrielle Match of Suits fame… I always was a sucker for a man in a suit LOL

Jenne runs the amazing, you can also follow her facebook and her twitter too 🙂