How Do Women Really Masturbate

After looking at a recent Reddit thread it peaked my interest. Do women love toys as much as we assume they do. Do they use the same as in porn. What do they love what do they hate? Well here are some of the top responses from that thread.

I rub my clit. Usually I start off rubbing my clit hood over my clit, and when I’m wet enough, I rub my clit directly as well.

Interestingly a whole slapping debate arose.

Slapping the clit can have pleasurable responses for some women

Smacking the area brings more blood flow to the area. I don’t think it’s meant to get a girl off just get more blood down there.

Glass toys are really popular as you might expect

Sometimes, I use a glass dildo (they can he heated up or chilled down for different sensations). I rarely use a vibrator, mainly because I am so sensitive already.

I just love sex toys in general, I’ve been collecting them for some time. There are plenty of days that my masturbation sessions end in me lying in a sweaty pile of used toys on the floor. I just love them and all the varieties that they provide for me.