how to make fleshlight shower mount stick better


We take a look at how to make the fleshlight shower mount stick better to tiles and showers. This is a similar issue to a lot of gps and nav devices so some of this advice might seem familiar.

Make sure your surface is clean!
Any grease or muck can cause suction pads like those on the fleshlight shower mount or on car gps’s to not stick well. Clean both the surface you are sticking to is clean as well as the shower mount suction pad too.Rubbing alcohol works very well and dries very quickly if you’re in a rush. You can also use glass cleaner.

Keep an eye on the temperature
In cars the air conditioning vents can cause it to fall off. Likewise in the shower steam, cold, heat, moisture etc can cause the grip to loosen and for it to fall off. Make sure it isn’t too hot or too cold or that it stays a consistent temperature.A cooler temperature is a lot better if you can get away with it. At the very least make sure the shower mount and the surface are roughly the same temperature too.
Maybe just a A Little Moisture 
We did say dry is better, but actually a little moisture (just a tiny bit) can actually create a good tension and keep it sticking. So if its faily when dry try adding just a little drop of water. You can also use a little bit of petroleum jelly or spit. You might need to experiment with that works. Spread it over the surface.

Hold it down and apply pressure
Hold it firm while you clamp it in place and give it time to seal. You need to push all of the air out that is trapped between the mount and the surface of the shower or tiles. It shouldn’t move around at all.

Keep a cloth around

You may need to clean the surface well after you use the mount. So keep both surfaces clean after you use them and it should work well the next time you use it too.

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