How to Hide Your Sex Toys From Kids

adult toy box

There comes an ages where kids will start exploring the house and they will look EVERYWHERE. So if you have certain toys you don’t want them playing with, how do you make sure they don’t accidently find a brand new exciting toy in your room.

We looked around and tried to find the best tips we could for hiding your sex toys from children in the house, or just roommates and housemates you might not want to stumble across your play things.

adult toy bag

  • Keep them high up! Make sure they are out of reach. Put them in the top of a cupboard or wardrobe far at the back where even you struggle with reaching.
  • Put them in your boxes and lock them. At an age where kids understand then possibly explain, but for now ensure they are locked away and can’t be opened by accident.
  • Lock your room. Make sure your kids can’t get in without you.
  • Put them in an innocent bag. Pick something noone would look twice at and that noone wants to open.
  • Childproof your draws. This might only work up to a certain age, but try anyway.
  • Secret compartments! Easier said than done, but they are cool – and keep your stuff hidden.
  • Gun safe with a finger reader. Just so noone can get in at all. A little extreme but it depends what toys you have!