How Noticeable is the smell of cum on you

It is a lot of  people’s fantasies to cover their partner in cum and send them out into the world. Or to be cummed on and then go to work or shopping at the mall or whatever else suits you.

Part of the hottnes comes from people not knowing but people might still suspect. This may or may not be part of your fantasy so we ask the question, how noticeable is the smell of cum when it’s dried on you. Some people want cum on their tits, or their skin or rubbed all over, or maybe you just want to go out freshly fucked without cleaning up letting it sit in your underwear.

The general opinion is that while it has a smell, it won’t smell too much on your skin. If its spread thin and dries up you might be able to feel it but the smell shouldn’t be too strong, but the wetter it gets (sweat, pussy etc) the more it might smell. People may notice a slightly cummy musk but it may not be obvious. If you want to wear perfume and deodorant to cover it up that might work too but kind of defeats the point.

So have fun with it, see what works for you. Maybe try it out in private first and see if your partner can smell it on you. A lot of the fun is in your head anyway so it’s almost hotter if you’re not 100% sure.

Enjoy 🙂