Fleshlight Review – Classic Fleshlight

Important Notes: Since this was written fleshlight have updated their case to the more subtle black one, and have done a few other tweaks too, making it even better!
Fleshlight Side

The Fleshlight, the infamous male sex toy, cleverly disguised as a common flashlight, or as its also known here in the UK “a torch”
marvel at its subtlety.

Fleshlight Review Close

Ok seriously whoever came up with the idea of making a sex toy like a flashlight so its easy to hide…genius, whoever then said they should write FLESHLIGHT on the side of it and then made it the size of a house should be fired.

what this torch doing here, it seems to have Fleshlight written on the side, i remember that name from the internets….and its a vagina in a tube..oh god! HONEY!!!!

Yeah you’re in trouble now! Thanks fleshlight!

To be honest though, other than its total lack of subtlety the Fleshlight actually pretty awesome. It gets a 5/10 for looks, and probably about a 3/10 for the ability to find a subtle place to hide the thing. But when it gets down to it this toy will think twice about using your hands to do the job. – They’ve now updated this to a black case and it looks WAY better!

Fleshlight Skin FeelFleshlight Skin Stretch

On first appearances and touch, the skin material aren’t that great, but if you warm the thing up in water and put lube on it, its honestly a little creepy how real it feels. It even has a little clit if you feel you want to give some pleasure back in return.

Inside the fleshlight

I only had the standard version Fleshlight and none of the other fancy inserts (this choice was worked out by the guide they have on their site for size and feeling vs which insert to go for) but the feeling is more than I ever expected, i’d love to see what the special inserts are like.

This this easily beats the crap out of one i bought a few years ago to use with a partner, which split in two as soon as i put my cock within a meter of it. So i was a little wary when this arrived. But it stretches out well, and seems like it could manage pretty much any size you throw at it.

The whole experience of using it is a little weird, but once you get over it, it feels fucking amazing. I couldn’t believe it, for the best experience with it i’d recommend

Warming it up in water first

Lube that shit up – even if you don’t use any to jerk off with normally.
Fleshlight + lube = “holy hell!”

Play with the suction on the end cap.

Hope noone is in the house cos this thing isn’t as quiet as you’d think or hope

In conclusion I hate to say it, but this thing lives up to the hype and takes jerking off to the next level. Obviously nothing can beat a real person, with moaning and reactions and body heat and everything that makes sex amazing. But if you want to improve your jerking sessions and enjoy the sensation, buy the crap outa this thing. Easily worth every penny. The hard part is choosing between the ass/pussy/mouth options and then selecting from all their insert types.

Awesome guys toy, 95/100