Fleshlight Codes for July 2014


We have codes for you every month! Check below for this months codes. July 2014 is a good month for fleshlights. They’ve launched the Fleshlight Launchpad which is awesome! It lets you fuck your ipad which we’ve all been asking for..right? Otherwise we’ve got codes and discounts for the rest of the products and toys.

Other Fleshlight News for July

Fleshlight Launches the Launchpad

We found this awesome video of a Mistress Forcing her slave to use a fleshlight!

This amazing gun control advert from Evolve shows us why you should lock up your guns, through the use of sex toys!

This awesome blog shows us 29 Hilarious uses for sex toys too – no fleshlight in this one though! Here

Happy July People! Hopefull there will be some 4th July Discounts too!