Fetish for sniffing arm pits and butts and feet.


Was reading about this on Reddit as always where the guy refers to it as olfactophilia. Basically it’s as simple as enjoying the scent of a womens ass or armpit or feet when they aren’t exactly fresh. It makes total sense, pheromones are powerful things and it makes sense that these would build up in sweat and that people would enjoy sniffying a stinky armpit or butt. There are even studies into whether people can find attraction based on the scent of their sweat. The post talks about rubbing a finger around the butt and then under your nose to tease you with a whiff of butt or burying yourself in their sweaty armpit. This isn’t necessarily part of fem dom but I can’t see why it couldn’t lead to it. If you’re looking for it try looking for body odor and pheromone fetish although theres a lot of ass-smellling and ass sniffing porn. It might not be what you’re after. mysophilia is also similar but it is more about getting the person dirty or them being dirty I’m not sure if that fills the niche.

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