Do People get turned on by listening to their neighbours have sex

A fun little thread I was reading the other day. Do people get turned on while overhearing their neighbours having sex. It would appear that in the majority of cases yes! The exceptions seemed to be if you had kids living with you or if it was a relative or parent.

My roommate (who is like a sister to me) and I are both very “active” so we get to hear each other a lot. Both of us get turned on by it and encourage each other. I love her dearly, so hearing her having an awesome time, even when I’m not at that moment, generally elicits a very happy feeling for me.

To make it weird (but not for us), she is currently dating my ex. They make great sex noises 🙂

That was a particularly hot answer in the thread! Sadly many people seem to get over excited and start hearing things where there was actually nothing happening (we’ve all been guilty of that I think)

Yes. Absolutely. One of the best days of my life was when I realized I could hear the hot lesbian college couple next door to me. On occasion, my sex-starved mind will play tricks on me, and I’ll think I’m hearing them even when there’s nothing there to hear. One night I listened for a good five minutes before I realized I was getting turned on by the sound of my own nose whistling.

During college and uni a lot of people seem to enjoy their roomates getting in on the action and hearing people in the building fuck too. Even going so far as to wake their partner up to start to try and outdo them themselves.

My boyfriend does. He hears people having sex at night in other dorm rooms when I am sleeping, then wakes me up to have sex. I don’t mind it.

So the short answer would seem to be that yes lots of people do! So enjoy yourself!