Classic Jackass Fleshjack Review

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Wow our first gay fleshlight review, and which one have we picked? the one that inspired the minimaid – the Classic Jackass Fleshjack. Remember to check out our main fleshlight page too.
This review is a little different but the guys at fleshlight have assured us that this ass is almost exactly the same as the guys ass (shh don’t tell anyone) So if your up for a horny fleshjack ass fucking session, heres our Classic Jackass Fleshjack Review

Fleshlight Sex Toy
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Fleshjack have a great selection for you to chose from from the classic fleshjack do a range of openings.

The fleshjack is a great little ass that just has to be fucked. And like any ass it seems a little tight as first but once you lube it up and get the right rytmn you’ll feel it squeezing your whole cock demanding your cum

From when I first saw this on the fleshjack site I knew i wanted to fuck it, its such a cute little bubble but and looks so inviting so when it arrived I was excited and get it straight out

The Classic Jackass Fleshjack is TIGHT, im talking about the width of an AA Battery here. Without boasting I’m pretty thick down there and it even managed to fit me in, so I’d say every guy should be able to fuck this thing with no trouble(With a nice helping of lube). I’ve tried some of the other fleshjacks and I’ve gotta say anal is the way to go. Tighter is better! I managed to get the suction right almost imediently. But if you want to have a bit more pushback as your sliding your dick in, keep the cap tightly done up. The jackass fleshjack will resist as first, but once you get into the rhythm you’ll both be begging for more.