A Look at the Tenga Performance Trainer – Review

I recently saw on PEGym the Tenga Performance trainer. After noticing the very high shipping costs to the UK I did some research and discovered the bundle is simply a Tenga Fliphole Red which you can purchase in the UK from here

This comes with the 3 lubes mentioned. You can then look up any training guide from the internet to help you build your stamina (I couldn’t get the guide that it comes with) But these range from lasting 30 pumps before you cum to 120, to 400, or training to pump a certain amount of times a second.

Basically you want to mimic the real thing as closely as possible. The Tenga Red itself was amazing. I was a little hesitent to buy it as I’ve tried Fleshlights before and found the clean up to be a little bit of a pain. The flip hole simply splits in two and then you can rinse out the middle at let it dry. I personally prefer this to the fleshlight and the texture is amazing. I was very very impressed at how real it felt. As with all toys its a little squelchy and noisy but nothing too bad. If you don’t buy the “performance trainer” package you also don’t get the special size enhancing lube but I don’t think thats even on sale in the UK anyway. If you want to train your stamina and learn to last longer, regular use of the Flip Hole Red is probably the best and easiest way to do it. Another bonus is that it doesn’t look like a sex toy at all.

I’ve also read that it is good for 50 uses, but looking around it seems that as long as you treat it well, then it should last far far longer. I can’t see how it would get too badly damaged if you took care of it and cleaned it properly


Both reviewers here give the Tenga Flip Hole Red 5/5 Stars!